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Liviko has extensive experience in successfully representing international brands throughout all the Baltic countries, both in the retail sector and HoReCa.  Our professional teams in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius know the market and preferences of all three countries well, and can find an opportunity for each brand to shine.
In order to support wine culture in the Baltic countries, we have created the Nautimus brand, which denotes the recommendations of Liviko’s sommeliers.
Liviko Group clients have more than 11,000 points of sale in the Baltics, most of which are retail stores. Liviko is one of the most important partners for the rapidly developing HoReCa sector in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Liviko’s broad representation in retail and HoReCa enables us to launch both top global brands and new market entries quickly and successfully. In the summer of 2020, Liviko held a highly successful launch for Martini Fiero, which became the most popular drink of the season in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The citrus notes of the drink come from sweet Spanish oranges, the peels of which are cut into long strips by hand, and then hung up with linen thread to dry in the sun. The end result is the modern Martini Fiero vermouth that is both bitter and sweet, and ideal for serving with a tonic. Martini Fiero & Tonic set a new drinking trend, and it became the most popular cocktail of the season.


Liviko is among the first in the world to launch its partners’ new products, and it supports product launch campaigns in all the Baltic countries. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, was selected as the Baltic presentation venue for the spectacular Bombay Sapphire Stir Creativity. The presentation became a meeting place for creative people from different fields, with different perspectives on art and an exchange of creative ideas and thoughts.

Liviko offers its on-trade partners distinctive event ideas and it also organises training sessions and masterclasses for bartenders, where our coaches and sommeliers present the latest trends from around the world. Extensive experience and close collaboration with partners create added value for our product portfolio.


Successful event marketing is not just about naming an event; it is also about creating a meaningful concept and entertainment based on brand strategy and visual identity.

One of the oldest event series in the Baltics is the popular Bacardi Beach Party (Bacardi Feeling), which has been held every summer on Pärnu beach for over 20 years. The opportunity to hang out with friends on a hot summer weekend while enjoying refreshing cocktails and artists from all around the world attracts lots of guests to this party every year. The Bacardi Beach Party and Bacardi Dancefloor have become an essential part of Pärnu’s traditional beach life and club culture.


Liviko values partnerships with fine dining restaurants, to help customers discover perfect flavour combinations. The symbiosis of cognac, coffee and chocolate has always been one of the flavour experiences enjoyed by cognac lovers. The taste of quality dark chocolate paired with Rémy Martin VSOP cognac is the choice of the well-informed!


The Nautimus brand created by Liviko has become a trusted choice in the world of wine. The Nautimus label is given to wines that have been selected by Liviko sommeliers and are good value for money.

The Nautimus range spans Liviko’s entire wine portfolio, with additional recommendations carrying the Nautimus label. This range has been selected by Estonia’s most-renowned sommeliers to highlight wines with the best quality/price ratio across all quality and price categories. In order to make choosing a wine easier and more convenient, each colour of the Nautimus label corresponds to a wine with particular flavour characteristics. You can also find the Nautimus label on selected wines with BIO and ORGANIC certification.


The dignified venues of Liviko’s events are selected very carefully, ensuring that every guest can have a great time. The Fentimans Rose Celebration was held at the largest public rosarium in Estonia, the 300-year-old Kadriorg Park which delights visitors with almost 6,100 roses of 32 varieties, most of which bloom several times a year.

The Fentimans Rose Celebration was a mix of refreshing summery mocktails, great music, delicious snacks and delightful guests. Inspired by the beauty of the rose garden, guests were able to try painting. Professional artists guided the guests on their personal journeys of creative discoveries.


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