Liviko’s liqueur masters honour the fine art of liqueur making, creating liqueurs with classic flavours as well as surprising taste combinations. For more than a century, Liviko’s skilled masters have systematically recorded their knowledge of extracts from natural herbs and spices. Now Liviko’s liqueur masters use this knowledge in their everyday work, carefully collecting valuable notes also for future generations. Great flavour and good advice are timeless!



Liviko’s range of liqueurs includes wild strawberry, raspberry, cranberry and cherry-flavoured liqueurs. This range of liqueurs has the sweetness and tartness of berries.

The legendary wild strawberry liqueur, with its sweet, tart qualities, has become the most successful drink in this range, popular not only in Estonia but also in Finland and Latvia. The wild strawberry liqueur has been in production since 1993.

The juicy cranberry liqueur has a touch of bitterness and sourness. Enriched with brandy, the cherry liqueur has notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and bitter almonds, which add a touch of southern temperament to this northern drink.

Liviko’s liqueurs can be served straight, on crushed ice or in cocktails, for example, with sparkling wine or tonic.



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