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Liviko’s reliability stems from friendliness, openness to solutions, and mutually respectful relationships between colleagues and business partners. Being open to new things and continuing valued traditions inspires and supports our team members in their professional development.



When Hanna Kaur started working at Liviko, she was welcomed by the carefully preserved knowledge and skills of legendary liqueur masters, which enriched her senses and provided inspiration for becoming a beverage architect. Liviko’s master distiller Hanna Kaur creates new drinks, but she also solves engineering issues about how to produce these drinks on a large scale. Crafter’s craft gin is an important part of Hanna’s beverage architect portfolio, for which she drew inspiration from her childhood summers and home kitchen.

Liviko is Hanna’s first employer. She has spent a large part of the past 15 years in the laboratory, but in recent years, she has been spending increasingly more time in forests and meadows, searching for new flavours and aromas in Estonian nature. For Hanna, her work and hobby are related. As an outdoorsy person, she finds inspiration from her home in the coastal village of Viimsi and from walks in the woods



Urvo is the only sommelier in Estonia to have received the gold diploma from the International Sommelier Association, in recognition of the high level of his professional knowledge and skills. Kristjan Markii, President of the Estonian Sommelier Association: “Urvo’s gold diploma is proof of the high professionalism of Estonian sommeliers. As a valued trainer and lecturer, he also shares his first-class knowledge with other sommeliers in a cheerful and charming way.”

The first winner of the Vana Tallinn Baltic Sommelier Grand Prix, Urvo has been the main organiser of this competition for many years now. As a master sommelier with international competition experience, he plays a key role in the development of all Liviko’s new beverages as well as planning the import portfolio.



I joined Liviko in 2010 as Horeca wine consultant (sommelier) and in few years later was promoted to Wine Brand Manager position.

My life in the World of wine started more than 20 years’ ago when I entered Horeca industry working before started my path at Liviko as a waiter, bartender and sommelier in Latvia and Russia.

All these years of experience were heavily filled with new learnings, personal and professional development. I became a Jury member of Latvian and Baltic sommelier competition, wrote several dozen wine columns in Latvian press, graduated WSET’s Diploma (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) programme.

Job at Liviko gives me an opportunity to be in touch with great wines, industry professionals and consumers thus bringing new knowledge and joy into my life.



My travel to true cocktail world started 5 years ago when I tried a perfectly made classic Daiquiri during first cocktail training I attended.
I was so inspired that since that time started to learn everything I could find about cocktails and participate in different cocktail competitions. One of those competitions was Bacardi Legacy where I got a ticket to global finals. After that my life changed. I was invited to work behind different cocktail bars and restaurants even outside the country. I continued to participate in cocktail competitions around UK and won some of them but what I loved most was new personal and professional learning.

Few years age I got back to Latvia to start a completely new chapter in my life, working as a brand ambassador in Liviko. And in these 2.5 years since I’m with Liviko I got a huge amount of knowledge about spirits, cocktails and people that I probably would never learn without the team on my own.

This job is definitely very dynamic, creative and fun and with the right team around – it’s probably the best job in the world!

Career opportunities at Liviko

Would you like to have a say in how the best-known brands in Estonia are developed? Do you have what it takes to create beverages that can become successful on a global scale? Do you have the skills and knowledge to help represent the best-known global brands in the Baltic countries? If your strengths are in production, international sales, marketing or food and beverage technology, you’re welcome to join our team! Liviko will provide you with an opportunity for professional self-realisation. You’ll be in good company here!

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