The Liviko masters have dedicated their utmost care and attention to developing the Bellingshausen Vodka – a homage to Admiral von Bellingshausen, a man from Estonia who discovered Antarctica while sailing in uncharted waters.

Bellingshausen Vodka

Bellingshausen Vodka

The vodka dedicated to Admiral von Bellingshausen, an explorer and sailor born in Estonia, is made according to a recipe developed by Liviko’s masters. Bellingshausen Vodka is made using triple cascade filtration, which is a time-consuming process, but the pure and soft taste achieved is worth the effort. The activated carbon filter used in the process gives the vodka a special purity. The vodka then passes through a filtering system of 29 silver elements. The final finish and brilliant shine of Bellingshausen Vodka is obtained using a polishing filter.

Dedicated to Admiral von Bellingshausen and his life’s work, the vodka was launched in 2019 to mark the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica. Created for the anniversary of an extraordinary discovery voyage, Bellingshausen Vodka is dedicated to small and large discoveries, memorable journeys and new experiences.

Pure grain
Bellingshausen Vodka is made from pure grain alcohol according to a recipe developed by Liviko’s masters.

Silver-filtered vodka
Bellingshausen Vodka is produced using triple cascade filtration – in a process of perfection, the vodka passes through an activated carbon filter, a filtering system of 29 silver elements, and a polishing filter.

Bellingshausen’s story on the bottle
Created for special occasions, Bellingshausen Vodka also stands out for its distinctive design on the inside of the label. The label is placed diagonally and as a spiral on the bottle to convey the feel of the story of the discovery of the icy continent.

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