Liviko is a company with a distinguished communication and work culture, where honesty and openness is valued between business partners as well as colleagues. We are respectful and caring towards ourselves and others. You can trust us: we always keep our promises and stick to the rules. We value tradition, but we are also creative, innovative and open to modern solutions. Professionalism and high personal standards help us succeed.

We care about people and the environment, and we use the resources entrusted to us as sustainably as possible. The principles that are important to us can be found in our Good Business Practices.

Working at Liviko

Liviko’s reliability stems from friendliness, openness to solutions, and mutually respectful relationships between colleagues and business partners. Being open to new things and continuing valued traditions inspires and supports our team members in their professional development.

Social responsibility

As an international group specialising in premium alcohol, we feel responsible for promoting the beverage culture in the Baltic countries. Liviko has long supported sommelier and bartender associations in the Baltics. We would like alcohol to be consumed mindfully and sensibly.


Having grown into an international group, we especially appreciate our birthplace, Estonia, which is also home to our 122-year-old factory. As a local producer, we have focused our support on areas whose cultural significance we consider important for Estonia.

Our products

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