Crafter’s gin is an Estonian handcrafted gin with a unique combination of herbs, which has been distilled using the herb-based pot still method to achieve a rich soft taste. This distillation method has been used at Liviko since the beginning of the last century.
Crafter’s begins from nature – the four seasons, untouched forests and swamps and clean air are part of the Nordic taste culture. The beauty of nature is no less important than the people – their heritage, traditions and ways. We like to do things our own way – smartly and passionately.



A fresh Estonian handcrafted gin with a unique combination of herbs made using the herb-based distillation method, where each herb receives special attention in the still.
London Dry Gin is an elegant and fresh classic dry gin. Recipe No. 23 was created with the aim of enriching the traditional world of gin by looking for unique Nordic herbs to blend with the powerful juniper berry.
The character of Crafter’s London Dry gin comes from veronica, a herb picked from the wilderness of Estonia, which together with juniper berries and fennel seeds forms a lively floral bouquet of flavours.
The crisp and fresh aroma has notes of juniper shoots, lime, grapefruit peel, cumin and fennel. The slightly peppery and fresh taste is complemented with the floral softness of veronica and a slight touch of coriander.


  • Frontier Awards 2020 – gold medal
  • IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) 2017 – silver medal in the London Dry Gin category
  • IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) 2017 – bronze medal in the Gin and Tonic sub-competition
  • SIP Awards (The Spirits International Prestige) 2017 – gold medal
  • SIP Awards (The Spirits International Prestige) 2016 – gold medal
  • SIP Awards (The Spirits International Prestige) 2016 – silver medal in the Design category
  • The Estonian advertising festival Golden Egg – Best Packaging 2016
  • The Best Estonian Alcoholic Beverage in 2016

Sustainable production
Based on the zero-waste production principle, the residual extract of juniper berries processed in the distillation of Crafter’s gin is reused, as it contains a wealth of valuable flavour components.
The Re-crafted Crafter’s beverage line has been created using an innovative production solution. From waste to taste!

Smart craft
Crafter’s gins are made from carefully selected herbs in Liviko’s boutique workshop, where our laboratory specialists check everything from the raw materials and technological stages to the finished products.
Each Crafter’s recipe has a unique fingerprint, against which we guarantee the distinctive tastes and consistently high quality of the gins.

Single botanical distillation
Crafter’s gin masters distil each botanical individually, selecting the most valuable part of the herb to obtain the best aromatic qualities for the desired beverage.
By using both liquid and steam distillation, varying the distillation rate and boiling intensity, we can select exactly those elements that exhibit the purest aroma and taste characteristics of the herb.



A gin that changes colour when tonic is added. A unique combination of 12 carefully selected aromatic herbs distilled in a copper pot still to achieve a rich soft taste. The taste and aroma of the elegantly aromatic gin are dominated by rose hip flowers and meadowsweet.
The infusion of rosehip petals contains a natural pigment that gives the gin a copper colour. When mixed with tonic, the drink ‘magically’ turns light pink due to the acidity of the tonic.
The colour-changing Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin is a fruity aromatic, floral and complex gin. The gin is made according to recipe No. 38. To find the right flavour combination, our beverage architect analysed 78 herbs to identify the suitable elements and create a truly distinctive taste.
The rich bouquet consists of various sweet flowers and crisp juniper, the soft taste of which is balanced by the freshness of citrus. The sweet nuance of the flowers is balanced by the bitterness of orange peel and the freshness of the juniper berries and yuzu. The taste is fruity, round and slightly bitter.


  • International Wine & Spirit Competition 2018
  • The Best Estonian Alcoholic Beverage in 2018

Crafter’s aroma spray
Liviko’s innovative marketing and product development team have developed aroma sprays with the bouquet of Crafter’s gin. To portray the character of the gin, we have developed innovative Crafter’s gin aroma sprays, which convey the character of the product without tasting it.

Bottle design
The Crafter’s bottle design was created by the Estonian packaging design agency Koor. The pattern of the bottle is inspired by the petals of the flowers used in the gin, and the soft velvety surface of the bottle is achieved using innovative soft touch coating technology.

The beverage architect
Crafter’s handcrafted gins were created by Liviko’s beverage architect Hanna Kaur, who values nature and an environmentally friendly way of thinking. When Hanna started working at Liviko, she was greeted by the carefully preserved knowledge and skills of legendary liqueur masters, which inspired her on her journey to becoming a beverage architect.

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