Liviko started making gin in the 1960s, but the company’s experience with distilling natural herbs and spices dates back to the early 20th century. Kingsmill Gin combines more than a century of knowledge in the art of distillation using the pot still method, fine-tuned skills and carefully selected juniper berries and herbs.



Kingsmill is the result of craftsmanship based on decades of tradition. Specially selected juniper berries, ginger and citrus fruit with other natural herbs form the basis of the bouquet of Kingsmill Gin. The combination of essential oils in the herbs gives the gin its uniquely aromatic, strong and powerful character.

Juniper berries dominate the crisp and slightly spicy flavour of this clear colourless drink. The unique bouquet of Kingsmill Gin is based on the harmonious combination of juniper berries, ginger and other natural herbs and spices. Its aroma also includes notes of slow-ripened juniper berries, as well as juniper needles, the freshness of citrus fruit and nuances of different spices.

This drink is made from high-quality grain spirit and water.

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Quality control laboratory
Liviko’s quality control laboratory ensures that all products have a consistently high quality and meet strict food safety requirements. Dozens of different analyses are performed at Liviko’s laboratory to check everything related to Liviko’s international beverage production.

The craftsmanship and secrets of the art of distillation have been honoured at Liviko’s factory since the early years, when the pot still method was first introduced for distillation. Since the 1960s, gin masters have distilled more than five million litres of juniper berries here for gin alone.


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