Travel Safe Bio Vodka

Travel Safe Bio Vodka

The innovative Travel Safe Bio Vodka is great for making cocktails as well as for disinfecting hands, fruit and vegetables and various surfaces.


Liviko launched the innovative Travel Safe Bio Vodka (60% alc. vol.) in 2020 with the duty-free and travel retail markets in mind, in order to offer travellers a convenient way to clean their hands, various surfaces and fruit. The conveniently small bottle (100 ml) and the nozzle have been designed for travel.

Made from organic spirits, Travel Safe Bio Vodka is also suitable for making cocktails.

The vodka can be used as a disinfectant thanks to its high alcohol content (60% alc. vol).

Travel Safe!


  • Travel Retail Awards 2020 Drinks Innovation of the Year – 2nd place


For disinfecting hands and surfaces while travelling

As a natural disinfectant for your fruits & vegetables

For cocktails on the go

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