The right amount of sunshine makes everything look great. Rum made from the sugar cane grown on Caribbean islands is world-renowned. The raw material for Liviko’s Caribba rums is also sourced from the Caribbean. Prepared according to a recipe developed by Liviko, Caribba rum matures under the watchful eye of beverage specialists.



The Caribba rum product line includes the clear and bright Caribba Blanco, and the dark and rich Caribba Negro rum. The Caribba range also includes several rums enriched with berry flavours.

This rum is made from rum distillates and caramel from the Caribbean islands.

The range of Caribba rums also includes the spicy Caribba Spiced, zesty Caribba Xtabla Cinnamon and juicy Caribba Cherry, where a variety of berry flavours have been used to enrich the rum. Suitable for making rum cocktails.


The product line includes:

  • Caribba Blanco
  • Caribba Negro
  • Caribba Spiced
  • Caribba Cherry
  • Caribba Xtabla Cinnamon

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