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As an international group specialising in premium alcohol, we feel responsible for promoting the beverage culture in the Baltic countries. Liviko has long supported sommelier and bartender associations in the Baltics. We would like alcohol to be consumed mindfully and sensibly. That is why we are participating in the responsible alcohol consumption campaign “If you’re drinking, drink some water too!” launched by the Association of Alcohol Producers and Importers.

To promote responsible drinking, our own products and their advertisements include the following warnings: “Don’t drink and drive!”, “Pregnant women should not drink alcohol!”, “Only allowed for people over 18!”


In collaboration with Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian sommelier associations, Liviko has held the most prestigious sommelier competition in the Baltic countries, the Vana Tallinn Baltic Sommelier Grand Prix since 2006. The competition for the best sommelier in the Baltics was named after Liviko’s world-famous Vana Tallinn liqueur.

Kristjan Markii, President of the Estonian Sommelier Association, “As the main sponsor of the ESA, Liviko has helped us promote wine culture, and introduce the principles of responsible alcohol consumption.”


In collaboration with the International Bartenders Association, the World Cocktail Championships 2018 were held in Estonia. Margit Kikas, President of the Estonian Bartenders’ Association, “Thanks to Liviko, we had the opportunity to bring the most important event in the global beverage industry to Estonia.”


We would like a glass of water to become a part of alcohol drinking culture. To promote responsible drinking, Liviko has partnered with the Association of Alcohol Producers and Importers, who launched the campaign “If you’re drinking, drink some water too!”. This information campaign urges people to have a glass of water after every glass of alcohol they drink. Drinking water helps to rehydrate your body and improve the way you feel.

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