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Liviko’s mission is to promote a dignified and responsible drinking culture that values quality across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Liviko’s core values are honesty – we are open and sincere and do not distort the truth; consideration – we are friendly and helpful and focused on solutions; reliability – we keep our promises and follow rules; innovativeness – we are open to innovation; environmental awareness – we care about the environment and use all resources as sparingly as possible.

Liviko expects its employees and partners to behave honestly and ethically and abide by the law in every situation. Liviko’s good business practice brings together the principles of exemplary business that Liviko Group, our employees and partners must follow.

Liviko’s good business practice is based on national and international laws, guidelines and principles, including labour, occupational health and safety and environmental regulations; the sound governance practices of the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


We have agreed at Liviko to follow exemplary business principles and we expect our business partners to do the same. We will not compromise on these principles. Adherence to exemplary business principles is a prerequisite for successful cooperation with Liviko.

Ethics and compliance

  • All our operations are based on laws and other applicable legislation and the practices applicable to the respective line of business.
  • In the event of discrepancies between these principles or other mutual agreements and other applicable legislation, the more stringent requirements will apply.
  • The Liviko Group, our employees and partners behave ethically, fairly and professionally.
  • Business partners shall follow the principles described here in all their business relations and make every reasonable effort to ensure that their respective business partners do the same.

Conflicts of interest

  • Liviko’s employees and partners act in good faith and avoid situations where their personal interests or those of the persons close to them would conflict with Liviko’s interests or where they are unable to act in Liviko’s interests.
  • Liviko’s partners and employees shall immediately inform the competent persons at Liviko of any situations where a conflict of interest has arisen or is likely to arise.

Prohibition of corruption and prevention of money laundering

  • The Liviko Group, our employees and partners apply zero tolerance to all forms of corruption, including bribery, fraud or any other prohibited business practices, and adhere to such zero tolerance in all their activities. It is not allowed in the course of any activities to use one’s position to gain an advantage or give an unfair advantage or do any other favours to a third party.
  • In mutual relations, the sole purpose of making and accepting gifts and of mutual hospitality is to develop goodwill and friendly working relationships, but not to influence anyone to engage in preferential treatment or activities. Gifts shall be made and accepted and hospitality shall be extended in accordance with the applicable legislation and the company’s detailed internal regulations, and any situations where such activity could be interpreted as illegal or suspicious shall be avoided. When in doubt about the suitability of gifts and hospitality, employees should always consult with their immediate superior, preferring not to make or accept a gift or to refrain from hospitality.
  • Liviko Group, our employees and partners strongly oppose all forms of money laundering and apply all measures to prevent the use of financial transactions for money laundering.

Confidentiality and handling of inside information

  • Liviko’s partners and employees are obliged to keep and communicate business secrets and inside information securely and confidentially and must not misuse any inside information that has become known to them. Inside information is understood as undisclosed information that directly or indirectly concerns Liviko. Liviko’s trade secrets and other protected information about the company’s operations, technology, resources, financial situation, contracts, customers, suppliers, partners or pricing policies are treated as confidential.
  • Liviko’s partners shall ensure that in all contractual relations, handling Liviko’s confidential information is covered by an obligation of confidentiality, and this obligation also applies to all their employees and partners.

Promoting free competition

  • The Liviko Group, our employees and partners operate in free and fair competition, precluding the prevention, restriction and distortion of free competition in business operations.
  • Liviko’s partners and employees comply with competition rules, do not enter into unlawful agreements or act in concert with anyone in a way that would harm fair competition.

Equal treatment and social responsibility

  • In our activities, we treat all people equally, respecting human rights. No group or individual shall be discriminated against on any grounds, including sex, age, race, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, political views, membership of an association or religious beliefs.
  • Liviko Group and partners do not support the use of involuntary labour. Business relationships with any third party that uses forced labour or procures from a subcontractor that uses forced labour or child labour will be terminated.
  • Liviko Group and its partners fully support the personal and professional development of employees, ensuring that working conditions comply with local legislation and provide a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Liviko Group and its partners comply with all applicable laws concerning working conditions, including the health and safety of employees, sanitary requirements, fire safety, risk protection, electrical, mechanical and construction safety.
  • Liviko Group, its partners and third parties must ensure that any commercial information related to the advertising of alcoholic beverages complies with applicable laws.

Environmental awareness

  • Liviko Group, our employees and partners pursue environmentally sustainable operations.
  • Liviko Group, our employees and partners support recycling and sustainable consumption habits, including saving electricity, water and heating, and protect the environment in all their activities.

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