The secret to Liviko’s international success is our legendary, award-winning beverages, which are recognised the world over. Our best-known products, Vana Tallinn and Crafter’s, are sold in more than 60 markets, including the duty-free and travel retail sector.

The legendary Vana Tallinn has long symbolised Estonia, being gifted to visitors to the country and presented to those abroad. The rising star in the Liviko portfolio, the classic Crafter’s London Dry Gin, is a masterpiece of distilling with a distinctly Northern European edge to it. Our colour-changing Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin, which made waves on the expanding global gin scene a couple of years ago, has been called “truly magical” by international experts.

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  • Austria
  • Andorra
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
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  • Denmark
  • Holland
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  • Australia
  • New Zealand


  • LAV
  • Botswana
  • Tanzania
  • Seychelles
  • Angola
  • Sierra Leone
  • Kenya


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  • Kazakhstan
  • Armenia
  • Singapore
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  • Azerbaijan
  • Uzbekistan

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  • Lebanon
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  • UAE
  • Israel
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The success of Liviko’s exports is down to our world-class product development and unwavering determination. Our craftsmen know the flavours and aromatic qualities of plants better than anyone, and combined with our high-tech laboratory, this gives us the edge in producing all-natural beverages whose taste is utterly unique. We are always demanding and we never compromise, which is why the products in our portfolio speak to consumers all over the world who know what they want and value quality. We export our drinks to 60 markets around the world, including demanding and rapidly developing duty-free and travel retail markets, and help to shape global trends.

Liviko’s export team are typified by their professionalism, reliability and attentiveness in working with their partners. Moreover, our short chain of decision-making means we are able to respond to changes on the market flexibly.


Liviko’s success in the duty-free and travel retail sector serves as confirmation of the quality and distinctive nature of the drinks we produce. Having rapidly proven itself in international competition, Crafter’s handcrafted gin is sold at major airports in countries around the world, from Ireland to South Africa and from India to Australia. Since its introduction, the sweet and spicy bouquet of flavours in the legendary Vana Tallinn liqueur has made it highly sought after in Eastern Europe. Its sales are growing in airports and in border shops.


Our brand ambassadors in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and New Zealand champion the promotion of drinking culture and Liviko’s trademarks. All of our ambassadors are trained by our master craftsmen and sommeliers until they know our lovingly produced portfolio like the back of their hand. They also learn about our principles of production and responsible marketing.

Markku Lõhmus
Brand ambassador in Estonia

Anna Beda
Brand ambassador in Estonia

Eduard Trofimchuk
Brand ambassador in Latvia

Martynas Paukštys
Brand ambassador in Lithuania

Marco Giuridio
Brand ambassador in Italy

Sebastian Tohovaka
Brand ambassador in New Zealand

Export contacts

Jörgen Herman

Anastassia Hallist

Jevgeni Linko

Maksim Maltsev

Erje Okas

Kristel Mägi

Anna Puškarjova

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