Liviko is a rapidly developing international group specialising in premium alcohol, which retails its own products in 60 markets and represents the world’s leading premium brands in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Liviko produces more than 70 alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Behind the development of each product are dedicated experts who are only satisfied with the perfect drink recipe, which also ensures the consistently high quality of the products.


Juniper berries exude a mystical serenity and dignity, partly because the berries are allowed to ripen on shrubs undisturbed for two years. Ripe juniper berries are distilled under the careful supervision of Liviko’s master ginsmiths, to become the main ingredient in Liviko’s renowned gins. Similarly, other carefully selected herbal components are also distilled, to create classic as well as distinctively flavoured gins. According to ancient folk wisdom, anyone who eats a juniper berry every day will live a long and happy life.


Making liqueurs is a venerable art that requires precision and time. In Liviko, both the herbal extracts and aromatic spirits are made from natural ingredients. Since the 19th century, Liviko’s liqueur masters have passed on their extensive knowledge and skills to the next generations.


Vodka is known for its pure taste. As a vodka producer with extensive experience, Liviko has a wide range of vodkas. Using different ingredients and production technology, Liviko’s vodkas have a clearly distinguishable flavour that is always pure.


The right amount of sunshine makes everything look great. Rum made from the sugar cane grown on Caribbean islands is world-renowned. The raw material of Liviko’s Caribba rums is also sourced from the Caribbean.


Liviko’s ever-expanding range of low-alcohol beverages includes many refreshing and distinctive flavours. The range includes the legendary Vana Tallinn Spritz, Coolers and a globally unique drink – the Re-crafted Crafter’s Junibeer juniper beer. Liviko is also a trendsetter for low-alcohol beverages.


The Re-crafted Crafter’s drinks are based on the principles of zero-waste production. To achieve a minimal ecological footprint, these craft drinks are made with the distilled juniper berries and ginger root left over from gin production. The range includes a classic ginger drink, as well as innovative and unique drinks made from juniper berries: both a soft drink and beer made from juniper berries.


The range of non-alcoholic drinks includes many exciting flavours, from the Re-crafted Crafter’s natural effervescent craft drinks, made in accordance with zero waste principles, to the refreshing Starter energy drinks.

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