A non-alcoholic ginger drink that soothes all the troubles you never even knew you had.

Ginger Duke is a bon vivant with a refined taste and aristocratic roots. An adventure-seeking world traveller who always has spicy stories and exciting recipes to share. Ginger stands above the minor details of everyday life, but at the same time, shows a sincere interest in everything and is always ready to help. Always positive, with a bright smile and an endearing sense of humour. Whenever Ginger enters a room, all eyes turn to him. The charismatic life of the party: an example of a perfect friend and every lady’s dream.

This drink is his life’s work. And it’s nearly impossible to figure out what exactly makes the drink so vibrant: the ginger or the restless heart he put into the bottle.

Ginger Duke is a non-alcoholic ginger drink with a beautiful amber tone. The aroma of Ginger Duke features honeyed ginger and sweet spices. The flavour is dominated by spicy fresh ginger. You can also taste ripe citrus fruit, zesty spices and pepper. The lingering aftertaste is accompanied by succulent sweet citrus fruit and zesty ginger.

You can try Ginger Duke as a shot, with sparkling water, or for flavouring cocktails. The ginger drink can also be used to enrich the flavours of Asian cuisine.

Refrigerate after opening, use within one month of opening.

Ginger Duke is gluten free and vegan.


  • Estonia’s Best Drink 2023 – Best non-alcoholic drink – gold medal

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