Gloria Hallaste joins The Gin Guild

Liviko’s Export Marketing Specialist, Gloria Hallaste, was honoured with the rosemary pin upon joining The Gin Guild, an international association that unites gin experts globally.

Expressing her gratitude, Gloria Hallaste, who represents Liviko at international fairs, said, “I am touched and grateful that my work with Crafter’s has been recognised internationally, and that I have been recommended as a member of The Gin Guild.”

During the membership ceremony, new members held juniper berries in their palms as they took an oath to honour gin traditions. They then received a rosemary pin. “My colleague Hanna Kaur gave me a good suggestion to keep a few juniper berries as a keepsake from this special event,” said Gloria.

Following the oath-taking, the new members were treated to a grand banquet accompanied by beautiful music, providing them with an opportunity to mingle with other guild members.

With nearly five years at Liviko and a decade in the beverage sector, Gloria Hallaste holds a master’s degree in international business management from EBS and has furthered her education at the Estonian Sommelier School.

With a community of over 450 members, The Gin Guild brings together gin brands and producers worldwide. Liviko’s beverage architect, Hanna Kaur, was also invited to join the guild this summer. The association unites individuals from various parts of the gin industry, from gin masters to marketing and export professionals.

Established in 2012, the global guild is dedicated to honouring the tradition of crafting classic London Dry gin.

Gloria Hallaste

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