New Year’s concert by Rémy Martin and Eesti Kontsert brings a melodic start to the New Year

The traditional New Year’s concert by Rémy Martin and Eesti Kontsert at the Estonia Concert Hall started the year off on a musical high note. Conductor Kaspar Mänd directed the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, and the audience was delighted by solo performances from soprano Mirjam Mesak and theremin virtuoso Carolina Eyck.

The festive New Year’s concert by Rémy Martin and Eesti Kontsert was inspired by fantastic France and the wonderful milieu and vibrant atmosphere of Paris. 

“We are thrilled that conductor Kaspar Mänd put together an enchantingly French programme, which included beloved soprano Mirjam Mesak and soloist Carolina Eyck, who performed on an exciting and unusual electronic musical instrument – the theremin. Paris is a city where new and old go hand in hand, and so we started the new year also with a very diverse program under the familiar twinkle of the Estonia Concert Hall’s chandeliers,” said Maarit Kangron, the artistic director of Eesti Kontsert.

The dazzling New Year’s concert saw soprano Mirjam Mesak perform Claude Debussy’s symphonic Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, Hector Berlioz’s “The Unknown Island” from the song cycle Summer Nights, Op. 7, Henri Duparc’s “Ecstasy” and Charles Gounod’s “Juliet’s Waltz” from the opera Romeo and Juliet. These exquisite pieces were followed by Maurice Ravel’s Noble and Sentimental Waltzes

The audience was then treated to Régis Campo’s Dancefloor With Pulsing for the theremin and orchestra with theremin player Carolina Eyck as the soloist. A rousing performance of George Gershwin’s symphonic poem An American in Paris stirred emotions. The finale of the charmingly French concert was made memorable by Jacques Ibert’s “Restaurant in the Bois de Boulogne” from the symphonic suite Paris.

“The New Year’s concert is a dignified and grand start to [2024 as Estonia’s] Cultural Diversity Year. We are delighted at Liviko to be able to contribute to the flourishing local cultural life,” said Janek Kalvi, CEO of Liviko. The company is focused on supporting socially and culturally significant areas by sponsoring art, literature, music and sport. The concert is named after the 300-year-old cognac house Rémy Martin.

The New Year’s concert was made possible through the cooperation of Eesti Kontsert, AS Liviko and Estonian Public Broadcasting. The television broadcast was presented by Joonas Hellerma. The concert is available at

Photo: Erlend Štaub

Photo: Erlend Štaub

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