Alcohol companies urge people to drink responsibly

The Estonian Alcohol Producers and Importers Association (ATML) has launched a follow-up campaign “Split with water when you drink!” The goal of the campaign is to encourage people to have a glass of water between each glass of alcohol they drink and thus develop a responsible and informed alcohol consumption culture.

According to Triin Kutberg, CEO of ATML, drinking water with or between alcohol is the easiest way to slow down the speed of drinking alcohol and helps to avoid situations where people quickly get drunk quickly.

“Together with the members of ATML, as well as bars, restaurants and shops, we wish people to understand that alcohol can be consumed reasonably and responsibly in order to prevent the damage caused by excessive consumption,” said Kutberg. “We believe that people’s behaviour cannot be changed by bans and commands, but through explanation, cooperation between different partners and active promotion of wiser consumption. We want to create a new alcohol consumption culture with a focus on intelligence and awareness. That’s why we have joined forces on a wide front.”

During the months of September and October, the clubs, cafes and restaurants that have joined the campaign will offer free drinking water to customers who buy alcohol, and Estonia’s largest retailers Aldar, Coop, Maxima, Prisma and Selver will provide neck tags with campaign information on bottles of spirits and wine.
The campaign is supported by 83 bars which already offer water with alcohol or will begin to do so soon, because they understand its significance. In addition, all bars, pubs, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol and value rational and responsible alcohol consumption are invited to join the campaign in September.

All establishments that have joined the campaign will receive a “Establishment of Wise Consumption” label from ATML, which gives customers the assurance that the host cares for their well-being and provides them free drinking water when they buy alcohol.

The Estonian Alcohol Producers and Importers Association represents the largest alcohol producers and importers in Estonia, including Liviko, Prike, Dunker, Altia, Pernod Ricard, Tridens, Remedia, Amber Distribution, Coca Cola HBC, Estonian Spirit, Avallone and Brown-Forman.

List of responsible bars/cafes/restaurants:Citypub, BART Pianobar, Pubi Illegaard, Time to Wine Bar and Shop, Hulkur Rändbaar, NO99 Kohvik/Restoran, Cheers Viljandi, Butterfly Lounge, Paar Veini, Teeristi Kohvik, Gustav Cafe Estonia pst, Gustav Cafe Tammsaare, Shvips, Baar “Trepp”, Willy & Rudy, Kohvik Spargel, Kohvik Rabarber, Kohvik Loorber, Underground, Elvis, Kohvik Sõbrad, Meat Market Cocktail Bar, Zavood, Lokaal Pirogov, Club Privilege, Saka Mõis, Hiiu Pubi, Jõhvi Kontserdimaja Kohvik NOOT, Alutaguse kohvik, Pärnu Kalamajaka Kohvik, Restoran Vassilissa, Dissident, Gustav Gastro Cafe Kalamaja, Meat Market, Cafe Truffe, Club Studio, Restoran Ancho, Club Sugar, Kohvik Sesoon, Werner, Restoran ja Kohvik, Kivi Paber Käärid, Bronto Baar, Eisma Külalistemaja, Vürst OÜ, Klubi Teater, Erinevate Tubade Klubi, Lounge AED, Saaremaa Veski, Tegelaste Tuba, Lokaal Legend, Restoran Salvadore, Saku Gastro Rotermannis, TOA Restoran, Wabadus, ENZO Cafe and Restaurant, Brewdog Tallinn, PM20, Hermani Bistro and Bar, Must Puudel, The Patcave

Responsible bars include Olympic Casino bars in Estonia: Olympic Park Casino, Olympic Casino Olümpia, Olympic Casino Lasnamäe Centrum, Olympic Casino Mustakivi, Olympic Casino Ümera, Olympic Casino Kopli, Olympic Casino Vana-Viru, Olympic Casino Kristiine, Olympic Casino Magistral, Olympic Casino Rocca al Mare, Olympic Casino Ülemiste, Olympic Casino Nurmenuku, Olympic Casino Mustika, Olympic Casino Marja, Olympic Casino Norde/Nautica, Olympic Casino Järve, Olympic Casino Pirita, Olympic Casino Idakeskus, Olympic Casino Narva Fama, Olympic Casino Ülikooli, Olympic Casino Lõunakeskus, Olympic Casino Tasku, Olympic Casino Pärnu, Olympic Casino Jõhvi




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