Crafter’s beverage architect Hanna Kaur joins The Gin Guild

Hanna Kaur, the beverage architect behind Crafter’s gin, becomes a member of The Gin Guild, a global industry association.

“It is an incredibly empowering experience to stand beneath the tall stained glass windows of the London Guildhall with juniper berries in hand and swearing to uphold the gin tradition!” says Liviko beverage architect Hanna Kaur. “Becoming a member of this esteemed organisation is a tremendous honour for any gin distiller, and I was deeply moved by the invitation to join their ranks.”

“As a member of the Guild, we have the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of gin as a beverage. Moreover, it allows us to access the research carried out at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, which has an institute dedicated to brewing and distilling. This valuable knowledge greatly enhances our research efforts in Liviko’s laboratory,” adds Hanna.

“The Gin Guild membership is truly global and has grown to reflect the diverse and vibrant nature of our industry and gin-loving consumers,” said Lesley Gracie, creator of Hendrick’s gin and Grand Rectifier.

With a community of over 450 members, The Gin Guild brings together gin brands and producers worldwide. Established in 2012, the global guild is dedicated to honouring the tradition of crafting classic London Dry gin. Participants had the pleasure of tasting Crafter’s gin, among other beverages, at the event to celebrate welcoming new members.

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