Crafter’s Gin received awards in Singapore

The Singapore World Spirits Competition has honoured Crafter’s gins with three medals.

At the international competition, Crafter’s Aromatic Flower, floral colour changing gin, was awarded a double gold medal. The evergreen Crafter’s Wild Forest, known for its distinctive touch of smokiness and mineral character, received a silver medal, while the crispy and elegant Crafter’s London Dry secured a bronze medal.

“We are absolutely delighted with the success of the Crafter’s gin range and are deeply appreciative of the triple recognition. It is especially gratifying considering the gin category’s high standards and its status as one of the trendiest and most developing spirits categories,” stated Jörgen Herman, Export Director at Liviko.

Jörgen Herman added, “As a double gold medal winner, Crafter’s Aromatic Flower truly stands out for its aromatic and floral profile, but also for its colour-changing effect. “The infusion of rosehip petals contains a natural pigment, giving Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin a copper colour. When mixed with tonic, the drink ‘magically’ turns light pink due to the acidity of the tonic.

Having taken home numerous awards over the years, the Crafter’s gin range as been celebrated for its distinctive and premium flavours as well as its outstanding design.

The Singapore World Spirits Competition (SWSC), hosted by The Tasting Alliance since 2019, is highly regarded in the industry. The Tasting Alliance also organises the esteemed San Francisco World Spirits Competition, one of the oldest and largest competitions of its kind globally.

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