Crafter’s London Dry gin awarded Masters medal

The international jury at the prestigious competition Global Gin Masters 2022 has awarded Estonia’s artisan Crafter’s London Dry Gin its highest possible commendation, the Masters medal. Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin, which is also handmade, was similarly rewarded at the event, earning a gold medal in the Ultra Premium Gin category.

“The success of our Crafter’s gins is down to the professionalism and dedication of our master craftsmen, as well as their skill in extracting the greatest value from homegrown plants using the pot still distillation method, and their world-class, and very demanding, product development,” said Janek Kalvi, the chairman of the management board of Liviko. “It’s the taste of the gins that has won them most recognition – their distinctly Northern European flavour – along with their high quality and eye-catching design. Both the classic Crafter’s London Dry, which took the Masters medal, and the colour-changing Crafter’s Aromatic Flower are sold in 60 countries around the world. The kudos that the Crafter’s range has earned and its export success are all the more impressive for the fact that the gin category is one of the most fiercely competitive.”

Liviko beverage architect Hanna Kaur explains that the creative process behind Crafter’s artisan gins is characterised by the many trips that are made into the untouched Estonian countryside in search of plant ingredients and the thorough testing of recipes to find the perfect combination of flavours. “The Crafter’s London Dry Gin in the blue bottle took 23 attempts to get just right, while the Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin in the little bottle found its character and its chameleonic effect as late as recipe no. 38,” she revealed. “And then there’s our brand new Crafter’s Wild Forest Gin in the green bottle, which is made using flavours from ancient forests: it achieved the ideal northern balance on take 27.”

Global Gin Masters is an international competition organised by the influential magazine The Spirit Business. Its jury comprises experts on the world’s leading alcoholic drinks. They are independent in their assessments, which are based on blind tastings. Close to 800 different gins were evaluated in this year’s competition.

Liviko is a successful and rapidly developing international alcohol group whose drinks are represented in the trend-conscious and highly demanding duty free and travel retail sector and on more than 60 markets in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.

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