Crafter’s new bottles unique and environmentally friendly

Crafter’s award-winning design has had an update. An experienced eye will notice that bottles of Liviko’s renowned gin now have a more elegant shape , including the name of the gin pressed into the base of the bottle. Thanks to a design innovation, it was possible to reduce the amount of glass used in the bottle by as much as a third. Almost half of the raw material now used to produce the bottle is recycled glass.

Crafter’s designer bottles are manufactured at the Järvakandi glass factory (O-I Estonia AS), only 85 km from Liviko. Almost half of the raw material used to produce the gin bottle is recycled glass. Thanks to the local production of bottles, the reuse of glass and the reduction of glass consumption by a third, the ecological footprint of the gins is significantly reduced.

“We decided to update the bottle design, and found several ways to make Crafter’s more environmentally friendly. It is also important for us at Liviko to support the local glass industry with long-standing traditions,” said Hanna Kaur, Liviko’s beverage architect.

In addition to Crafter’s bottles, the Järvakandi glass factory also produces the Re-crafted Crafter’s bottles, with recycled glass also amounting to half of their raw material.

Crafter’s London Dry won the title of the best package in the Golden Egg competition in 2016. In the same year, Crafter’s was also awarded a silver medal in the design category at SIP Awards.

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