Liviko Crafter’s Gin was chosen to be among the top 100 best packages in the world

A reputed packaging blog, Dieline, has chosen the package of Liviko Crafter’s London Dry Gin to be among the top 100 in the World. The design of the bottle was created by KOOR.

“Estonian product design has received a very high approval. A design both aesthetically enjoyable and well thought out is one of the main reasons Crafter’s Gin has raised interest in many foreign markets,” said Liviko’s chairman of the board Janek Kalvi.

Crafter’s London Dry Gin is being exported to 17 countries, making up 30% of the complete sales. The largest export destinations are the Netherlands, Austria, Great Britain and Switzerland.

Dieline, the world’s most read packaging blog says about Liviko’s product that if Crafter’s Gin is half as refreshing as its packaging, then it must immediately be added to one’s collection. The sapphire blue colour of the bottle draws immediate attention, the shiny patterns add texture and the choice of the font reflects the tastefulness of the design. The wooden cork of Crafter’s adds rurality and shows that the product has been made of well-chosen components, coming straight from the nature.

The bottle of Crafter’s London Dry Gin with plant motives has been designed in Estonia’s first package design bureau KOOR. “Our goal is to create something that would stand out among the other products on the store’s shelf. Crafter’s Gin differs from the others – it is being hand made in small quantities. We wanted for the design of the bottle to be as unique as the product itself,” said Greg Clark, the artistic director at the design agency KOOR.

Crafter’s London Dry Gin has received prizes in the pas as well. The beverage has been recognized as “Estonia’s Best Alcoholic Beverage 2016” and has also received a Kuldmuna for best packaging design. Additionally, Crafter’s Gin has received a golden medal at the international alcohol competition Sip Awards and a silver medal at the same competition for the bottle design.

Crafter’s London Dry Gin is a hand-made gin produced in the traditional Pot still method. The recipe consists of carefully chosen northerly herbs harvested in Estonia, including heath speedwell and fennel. Over 30 experts contributed to the elaboration of the handicraft gin, including technologists and gin masters, marketing team, package designers, sommeliers of Liviko and a sales team working along restaurants and bars. Liviko commenced the production of Crafter’s London Dry Gin in 2015.

AS Liviko is a producer of quality alcoholic beverages founded in 1898 with 118 year old traditions. AS Liviko has developed a distribution and wholesale network of alcoholic beverages in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, distributing imported brand by foreign quality producers alongside their own. AS Liviko is one of the top three largest alcohol producers in the Baltics, giving large amounts of attention, besides production, to the import of alcoholic beverages, as well.

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