Liviko expands Vana Tallinn Cream with new flavours

Estonia’s leading alcohol producer and importer Liviko started to sell orange-flavored Vana Tallinn Orange Cream and chocolate-flavored Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream liqueur, which continue the elaboration of Estonia’s most sold cream liqueur Vana Tallinn Cream series. According to Ragnar Kits, the sales director of Liviko, Vana Tallinn is such a dignified brand with a long history, and the creation of each new product needs a careful preparation. „Since the Vana Tallinn Cream series introduced to the market a few years back has justified itself and found a loyal consumer, we decided to go forward with the products of Cream series,” said Kits.

Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream blends the finest quality Vana Tallinn liqueur with silky smooth cream and chocolate that melts in your mouth. Vana Tallinn chocolate-flavoured cream liqueur is the perfect accompaniment to romantic summer nights and fairytale winter days. It can be enjoyed on its own, with ice or alongside a bitter coffee.

Mild, velvet cream and exotic orange add a fresh twist to the finest quality classic Vana Tallinn liqueur. The pleasant aroma and flavour of Vana Tallinn Orange Cream will turn more than a few moments into once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Enjoy the liqueur on its own or with ice.

Both products have 16% vol, size of the bottle is 500 ml.

Vana Tallinn Cream liqueur combines the unique taste of rum and citrus peculiar to the traditional Vana Tallinn with the freshness peculiar to cream.

Liviko is a national alcohol producer with long traditions. Vodka producing traditions reach back to the year 1898. The company owns the internationally known and very marketable strong alcohol brands in Estonia – Viru Valge and Vana Tallinn.

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