Liviko launched production using silver filtration method unique in Estonia

Liviko launched vodka production using a unique three-fold cascade filtration system that includes a system with 29 silver filtering elements unique in Estonia and a polishing filter. Vodka made from Estonian grains using the silver filtration method bears the name Hõbe Vodka and receives a final finish by hand.

The unique chemical features of the filter with silver filtering elements give Hõbe Vodka the perfect brightness and cleanness characteristic of premium class vodka. Three-fold cascade filters prolong the production process three times, but our Hõbe Vodka – the vodka that is produced in small lots in order to ensure its high quality and that receives its final finish by hand – is worth the effort.

The strength of Hõbe Vodka is 39.2% vol – this ensures the silver filtrated vodka the best balance of aroma and taste. We have developed Hõbe Vodka in the laboratories of Liviko using various sensory and chemical analyses and tests and we can assure you that it is the most special Estonian vodka produced from Estonian grain.

Hõbe Vodka passes a three-fold cascade filter of which the first is the filter that has been used in the production of Viru Valge already for years – the active carbon filter. Based on the new technology the vodka is subsequently refined in the system of filters that consists of 29 silver filter elements. The final finish is given by a polishing filter that brings out its special brightness and brilliant shine. Silver filtering and polishing is used only in the production of the new Hõbe Vodka.

“It is indeed, silver filtration, that is the best and most effective method to bring out the desired qualities in the taste of vodka. Although the filter is an important component one must keep in mind that the taste and aroma of vodka is affected by the raw material used, including the qualities of both the spirit and water. In the end, the decisive factor is the conception of the technologist who developed the nature of the vodka in question,” said Valeriy Fedorov from the Ukraine who was in charge of the fitting of the silver filtration technology.

The new technology was developed by a Russian scientific enterprise and fitted by technologists from an enterprise specialising in the Ukrainian silver filtering technology together with technologists from Liviko. The leading technologist Valeriy Fedorov gave Liviko’s vodka a high rating: “We can consider ourselves global experts in vodka tasting and we can only praise the high quality of the vodkas produced by Liviko – unquestionably the best vodka in Estonia. We can ensure that after the patented silver filtration system is put into use its quality will become even better and its taste even more perfect.”

The strength of Hõbe Vodka – a member of the Viru Valge product range – is 39.2% vol, bottle size is 700 ml.

Silver filtration was first used in Russia 12 years ago. Since then the technology has been used by producers all over the world, among others in the Ukraine, Russia and USA – altogether in 40 countries.

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