Medal-winning craftsmanship – Crafter’s

Crafter’s made its mark at The Gin Masters 2023 Asia, securing an impressive trio of medals. In this prestigious competition, both the untamed Crafter’s Wild Forest Gin and the floral Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin were awarded gold medals, while the crisp Crafter’s London Dry Gin secured a silver medal.

A tribute to the Nordic wilderness, Crafter’s premium gins are prepared using single botanical distillates. This means that Liviko’s gin masters distil each botanical individually, selecting the most valuable part of the herb to obtain the most exquisite aromatics for each product.

Crafter’s gins are great for elevating classic gin and tonic pairings and sparkling up a variety of other cocktails.

Crafter’s gins made a strong showing at The Gin Masters 2023 in Asia, an event hosted by The Drinks Business Asia, where industry experts conducted blind tastings to assess the competing gins.

Crafter’s gins have found their way to an impressive 70 markets worldwide, from New Zealand to Paraguay.

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