New product: Octomore 12, the smokiest whiskey in the world

The smokiest whiskey in the world, Octomore 12, is both a delicate and robust malt whiskey with plenty of aromas and flavours to discover alongside the extra smokiness.

The traditions of the Scotch whiskey industry are deliberately set aside in the making of Octomore 12. That is why the five-year-old whiskey is bottled as is, without adding water. The Octomore Series 12 whiskey introduces ultimate smokiness (100+ PPM), demonstrating power in every youthful drop. Octomore 12 is the definition of smoky whiskey, being the source of the 12.1 whiskey that inspired the 12.2/3/4 versions.

Octomore surprises: gentle and powerful at the same time. The heavy smokiness is balanced by the fruity and flowery distillate. Scottish barley grown on the mainland is slowly distilled by the trickle method. Although this whiskey is not bottled in keeping with tradition, whiskey master Adam Hannett uses only old American bourbon oak barrels, where the whiskey is aged for five years. The result is a malt whiskey with hints of grain and barley, and highlights of vanilla and citrus.

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