The President of the Republic of Estonia visits Liviko

After celebrating its 125th birthday this autumn, Liviko received a visit from President Alar Karis. The guests enjoyed a factory tour and historical insights, followed by a brief overview of modern Liviko, covering its production and export markets. Accompanying the Estonian head of state on his visit to Liviko were staff members from the president’s office.

“The visit of the head of state is a historical milestone for Liviko and certainly great recognition for our entire team. We work hard every day to develop the company and its export activities, and we are pleased that this effort has been acknowledged. This recognition extends to the entire Estonian beverage sector,” remarked Janek Kalvi, CEO of Liviko.

This year, on 25 September, Liviko celebrated its 125th birthday. Founded in 1898 as a national alcohol monopoly, the company has a unique and long history. During the first period of independence, from 1918 to 1940, Liviko was owned by the Republic of Estonia. After changing hands among various state authorities throughout historical twists and turns, the beverage producer became part of the progressive private group NG Investments in 2000. NG Investments has propelled Liviko’s evolution to become a successful international beverage producer.

The Liviko factory tour takes visitors to historical buildings, housing the production facilities and an interactive museum. During the tour, guests can witness the beverage-making process, from the selection of raw materials to bottling. Only guests of legal age can register for the factory tour.

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