The Best Estonian Alcoholic Beverage: Vana Tallinn Toffee Caramel

The Vana Tallinn Toffee Caramel liqueur was chosen as the best alcoholic beverage in the Best Estonian Food competition. It is the 21 victory for Liviko’s masterpiece in the Best Estonian Food competition over the years.

“Vana Tallinn is Liviko’s pride and honour. As a representative Estonian product, it is an elegant classic that is always fresh and modern. The excellent liqueur offers endless inspiration and trend-conscious possibilities for mixing new flavours. The newly awarded liqueur is a perfect example of how well the powerful Jamaican rum and aromatic spices go with the toffee caramel flavour palette. It is an extraordinary pleasure to be part of Liviko’s team, which is able to create good memorable tastes that are distinct in the world,” said Janek Kalvi, CEO of Liviko AS.

Vana Tallinn Toffee Caramel liqueur can be served on the rocks in a tumbler or used in cocktails.

The caramel liqueur, which went into production in April exactly a year ago, is already available in ten countries and in the travel trade. Vana Tallinn liqueurs are sold in 40 countries around the world.

Vana Tallinn liqueurs are made exclusively from natural ingredients. The velvety exotic liqueur is characterised by Jamaican rum, orange, lemon and various spices. Vana Tallinn liqueur is among Estonia’s best-known trademarks since 1960. Thanks to its successful recipe, the liqueur quickly became a hallmark product for Estonia and it has retained this status even decades later.

Like all Vana Tallinn liqueurs, the freshly awarded caramel liqueur is bottled in a brown glass bottle, inspired by the towers of Tallinn’s Old Town depicting one of the towers from the UNESCO World Heritage listed medieval city wall.

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