Vana Tallinn Liqueur: One-Hundred-Millionth Bottle Produced

The one-hundred-millionth bottle of Vana Tallinn Liqueur was produced by the Estonian company AS Liviko. Picking the milestone bottle from the production line, CEO Janek Kalvi announced that it will be placed for display in the company’s museum. For over half a century, the Vana Tallinn Liqueur has remained the Estonia’s most widely sold food product in overseas markets, the most popular purchased souvenir gift from Estonia, and the most successful export article of AS Liviko.

The Vana Tallinn Liqueur is the Estonian most viable premium brand with largest worldwide sales. Made of natural ingredients, this high-quality liquor with its characteristic taste has been constantly winning new export markets, with its exports steadily increasing over decades. The flagship brand of AS Liviko, Vana Tallinn Liqueur is exported to 22 countries, including Uzbekistan and Israel most recently added to the list, says CEO Janek Kalvi.

The one-hundred-millionth and first bottle of Vana Tallinn was presented to Mahta Laidvee, disciple of the author of the liqueur’s recipe and the Liviko’s liqueur expert, for her contribution to development of the product. The Liviko’s long-time director Udo Themas was awarded with the bottle No. 100,000,002 of Vana Tallinn Liqueur for his decades-long contribution to international promotion and sales of this brand. The bottle No. 100,000,003 of Vana Tallinn Liqueur was presented to Liviko’s former production manager Aavo Veinthal for standing guard over quality standards of the product and demanding the observance of production norms even in difficult times.

The authors of the recipe of Vana Tallinn Liqueur aimed to create a unique and novel liqueur they would like to drink themselves. ‘At that time, hardly would someone imagine the new liqueur becoming a cult product remaining through years a pleasant taste experience and a treasured gift from Estonia’, says Mahta Laidvee, disciple of the author of the recipe of Vana Tallinn and long standing liqueur expert at the Liviko company. She adds: ‘Vana Tallinn is like the city of Tallinn that is said to never get finally built, as it can be improved over and over again and provides a lot of opportunities for product development.

The industrial production of Vana Tallinn Liqueur, a cult brand and a widely known symbol of Estonia, was launched in 1962. Since then it has always been the most successful export product of the Liviko company.

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