Vana Tallinn liqueurs win silver and bronze medals in international competition

The Estonian liqueur Vana Tallinn Signature has won silver at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in London, with the recently launched Vana Tallinn Ice Cream earning a bronze medal alongside Carolans Irish Cream Liqueur

Vana Tallinn is one of Estonia’s most recognisable brands, which is why we’ve set such high standards in introducing new flavours to the range. Now that it’s added silver and bronze medals to the gold it won at the IWSC in 2010, I think we can say our product development’s been a success!

Vana Tallinn Signature was released to mark the manufacturing of the 100 millionth bottle of Vana Tallinn in October 2013. Taking 32 days to produce, it combines traditional Vana Tallinn with the best qualities of French cognac.

Vana Tallinn Ice Cream, which was launched in March, is one of the newest members of the range, blending cream and ice cream with the traditional flavour of the liqueur.

Only natural ingredients are used in making Vana Tallinn. It owes its unique, velvety and slightly exotic taste to vanilla pods, Jamaican rum and orange, lemon and pomelo oils, with cinnamon adding a touch of sharpness to its bouquet. The exact recipe for the liqueur is a closely guarded secret which is passed on from one manufacturer to the next.

One of the most widely recognised symbols of Estonia, Vana Tallinn has been mass produced since 1962. It is Liviko’s most successful export item of all time and is one of the highest-selling Estonian brands on foreign markets. It is exported to 22 countries. The range includes liqueurs with three different strengths, Vana Tallinn Cream liqueurs and the specially made Vana Tallinn Heritage Edition and Vana Tallinn Winter Spice. Vana Tallinn Glögi has also been available since 2012.

The liqueurs in the Vana Tallinn family have won a raft of Estonian and international awards. In 2010 classic Vana Tallinn won a gold medal at the IWSC, having taken silver at the same event in 2006. Vana Tallinn Original Cream Liqueur was awarded a silver medal in 2013, while Vana Tallinn Heritage was named Estonia’s best alcoholic beverage in the same year. The same title was awarded to Vana Tallinn Winter Spice in 2011.

The IWSC has been held since 1969 and is considered the most prestigious competition of its kind in the world. Using the blind testing method, a panel of 300 highly qualified experts from the alcohol industry evaluate the taste and aroma qualities of the entries, which are also subjected to thorough chemical purity analysis. Alcohol manufacturers all over the world take part in the competition, which this year attracted entries from more than 90 countries.

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