Vana Tallinn was named the Best Estonian Food 2011 in the category of alcohol

The Heritage Edition of Vana Tallinn, the best known liqueur made in Estonia, was today recognized as the Best Estonian Food in the category of alcohol.

Traditionally, the exotic and velvety taste of the rich and rum-flavoured Vana Tallinn liqueur features citrus fruits, cinnamon, vanilla and rum. In the award-winning Vana Tallinn Heritage Edition, the traditional taste is perfected by a subtle oak nuance and exquisite caramel. Characteristically, Vana Tallinn consists of natural ingredients only.
“Vana Tallinn is the signature brand of Liviko and its success story of 50 years is an excellent example of synergy between longstanding traditions and innovative ideas. The quality, development and innovation of Vana Tallinn is very important for us since the liqueur has become one of Estonia’s signature products that is often taken along when going abroad and wished as a present,” said Janek Kalvi, Chairman of the Board at Liviko.

The exclusive Vana Tallinn Heritage Edition was developed to pay tribute to the triumphant past and outstanding skills of the liqueur masters at Liviko. This is the seventh drink in the Vana Tallinn product family alongside with the classical 40%, 45% and 50% liqueur and three differently flavoured Vana Tallinn Cream liqueurs.

The design for the bottle of Vana Tallinn Heritage Edition was developed by mutual efforts of AS Liviko and the advertising agency Idea.

In 2010, the classical Vana Tallinn liqueur was awarded with the highest trophy at the prestigious international alcohol competition International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London – the liqueur was honoured with the title of the best in its class and a gold medal as well as the title of the outstanding standard setter.

AS Liviko – founded in 1898 – is a producer of high-quality alcohol. AS Liviko has developed an alcohol distribution and wholesale network in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for marketing its own products as well as exported brands from other producers of quality alcohol in the world.

Liviko has a subsidiary in Japan. AS Liviko is one of the three major alcohol producers in the Baltic states and it pays attention to the production and import of alcoholic beverages alike. AS Liviko employs 201 people in Estonia, 97 people in Latvia, and 76 people in Lithuania.

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