Best Estonian alcoholic beverage is Vana Tallinn Signature

AS Liviko’s quality liqueur Vana Tallinn Signature was named the best alcoholic beverage and awarded the golden mark at the Best Estonian Food competition organised by the Estonian Food Industry Association. The production of the new liqueur takes 32 days and the result is an exclusive, premium-class liqueur that has received a warm welcome both on Estonian and foreign markets.

With Vana Tallinn Signature, the liqueur masters at AS Liviko made a tribute to the 100 millionth bottle of Vana Tallinn, produced in autumn 2013.

Vana Tallinn Signature is made of two high-class beverages – French brandy and Vana Tallinn liqueur. The flavour and aroma have a bouquet of citruses, spices and brandy with hints of caramel. Signature is a product of which the producers of the legendary Vana Tallinn could also be proud.

Vana Tallinn Signature received such a warm welcome in Estonia that exceeded all of our sales predictions and the first batch was sold out within a month. Due to the 32-day production process of the new liqueur we were incapable of reacting to this kind of sales success and thus we had to wait for the second Vana Tallinna Signature batch patiently.

Vana Tallinn Signature, hand-bottled in 500 ml square glass bottles decorated with the Tallinn Old Town silhouette, is available in an exclusive gift box.

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