Crafter’s Wild Forest Gin was selected as the best alcoholic beverage

The Nordic evergreen Crafter’s Wild Forest Gin was voted the best alcoholic beverage in the Best Estonian Food competition. As for the rest of Liviko’s portfolio, Corsaro Aperitivo, the first non-alcoholic aperitif made in Estonia, was also recognised in the non-alcoholic drinks category.

“Creating something truly distinctive, flavoursome and competitive is a challenge, but Liviko has succeeded time and time again. Crafter’s award is a tribute to the collective effort of the whole team!” said Liviko CEO Janek Kalvi.

“Crafter’s Wild Forest is a gin with a distinctive character, meant for anyone keen to enjoy a stronger and more robust flavour. It all started with the evergreen blueberry: an early spring blueberry shoot was the first plant I decided to put in Crafter’s Wild Forest gin. This led me to the idea of using other evergreen plants. In our cold harsh climate, plants have a special power and so we chose mighty conifers for the recipe: pine, spruce and juniper. The aftertaste of the gin is influenced by juniper-flavoured smoked salt,” said Liviko’s beverage architect Hanna Kaur, describing the gin, the recipe for which was finalised after the 27th prototype.

Corsaro Aperitivo, created for the preparation of cocktails, was recognised in the category of non-alcoholic beverages at the Best Estonian Food competition. Produced in Liviko’s distillery, Corsaro Aperitivo is Estonia’s first non-alcoholic aperitif. Corsaro Aperitivo’s juicy flavour combination of sweet and bitter notes is created by the combination of rowan and cranberry juice with an infusion of spices.

Crafter’s gins are successfully represented in 60 countries around the world. In addition to Crafter’s Wild Forest, inspired by evergreen forests, the range also includes the classic Crafter’s London Dry and the colour-changing Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin.

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