Crafter’s Wild Forest: Nordic wilderness in a bottle

Liviko’s gin masters did it again! The distinctly Nordic flavours of evergreen forests came together in Crafter’s Wild Forest handcrafted gin, freshly bottled in a beautiful green bottle. Nordic flavour, green character.

Crafter’s Wild Forest Gin is a gin dedicated to the mythical evergreen forests of Estonia. A coastal pine forest swaying in the autumn winds, an ancient mossy rock outcrop in the mist, a forest canopy touching the edge of the clouds and fishermen telling stories as they tar their boats. This is where the roots of our Wild Forest gin lay. The straightforward flavours of a green forest. In short – wild.

The core of this crisp gin is made from juniper berries, fir needles and pine shoots: evergreen. Late summer heather and blueberry vines add a light fruity touch to the woody flavour notes that highlight the local flora. Lemon and orange zest add freshness. Ginger, nutmeg and orris root enrich the deep resin core. Some unexpected juniper smoke and a delicate seaside minerality in the background: the sensations with which Crafter’s Wild Forest found its thoroughly Nordic balance in recipe no. 27.

Crafter’s Wild Forest is a great gin that meets the expectations of professional bartenders and the demands of gin connoisseurs around the world. The Nordic character suits both classic gin and tonic as well as cocktails such as Negroni, Gin Sour or Dry Martini, adding an evergreen crispness to cocktails. An inspiring choice for creating new cocktail recipes: Crafter’s Wild Forest Gin.

Last but not least, the greenest aspect: the sustainably distilled juniper berries in Crafter’s are the cornerstone of our gin production. Crafter’s Wild Forest Gin tastes like the most beautiful shade of green.

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