Estonian windsurfers aim for the top ten at the Tokyo Olympics with support from Liviko

On 16 of February, Estonia’s Olympic windsurfing team for Tokyo 2020 announced its Olympic preparation plan and goal to get in the top ten at the Olympic Games. The Estonian Yachting Union and AS Liviko signed a gold sponsorship agreement to support this goal stating that Liviko will allocate 176,000 euros to support the windsurfers in their preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

“The Estonian Yachting Union is placing its biggest bets on Finn class competitor Deniss Karpak, Laser Standard class competitor Karl-Martin Rammo and RS:X class competitor Ingrid Puusta. There are also several other windsurfers who show great promise to qualify for the Olympics,” reported the leader of the Estonian windsurfing team for Tokyo 2020, Ott Kallas on the potential participants at the Olympic Games.

“Right now our goal is to work really hard to ensure that our windsurfers qualify for the Olympics. After we’ve achieved this, we aim to at least come in the top ten in Tokyo, but of course every athlete dreams of becoming a gold medallist in the Olympics. The consistent support from Liviko is very important in the windsurfers’ preparation for the Olympic Games as it ensures the stability and the quality of the preparation,” explained the leader of the Estonian windsurfing team for Tokyo 2020, Ott Kallas.

“Although the sea and the wind are free of charge for the athletes, windsurfing continues to be one of the most expensive sports. Without support from the private sector, Estonian athletes wouldn’t be able to obtain the best equipment and take part in training camps and competitions that are necessary for preparation,” said Vice President of the Estonian Olympic Committee Tõnu Tõniste.

The 4-year sponsorship agreement allows us to purchase new equipment, support the organisation of training camps for athletes and provide remuneration to the coaches.

“There are many promising young windsurfers in Estonia, and with Tokyo 2020 coming up, we’ve decided to additionally support them in their aspirations towards the Olympic Games. We have also raised the stakes and are now gold sponsors of windsurfing. We believe that the windsurfers’ endeavours under the blue, black and white flag will bring memorable moments for all sports lovers,” said Chairman of the Management Board of Liviko Janek Kalvi.

The Estonian Yachting Union is a body for the sport of sailing and cruising, which serves to promote an active lifestyle and advance the sports of sailing and cruising in Estonia by developing the sport of sailing in the fields of top-level, competitive and mass sports.

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