Gallery: At the Vana Tallinn Gala, opera lovers were treated to the exclusive concert performance “Idomeneo”

At the ninth Vana Tallinn Gala, the Estonian National Opera presented the concert performance “Idomeneo”, which is based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s first major and rarely performed opera.

“Liviko has been one of the main sponsors of the National Opera for ten years, and I’m glad that we’ve been able to continue the support despite the coronavirus crisis. Our long-standing Vana Tallinn Gala was truly special this year, delighting the audience with a comprehensive and spectacular concert performance,” said Liviko CEO Janek Kalvi.   

Conductor Risto Joost points out that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most talented composers of all time, whose brilliance is most evident in the context of musical theatre. “With the concert performance “Idomeneo”, we can showcase singers who live and work in Estonia, quite a few of whom have extensive international stage experience,” added Joost.

Mozart’s dramatic composition was transformed into a dazzling and visually captivating gala evening by director Veiko Tubin. The performance featured soloists Juhan Tralla, Helen Lokuta, Reigo Tamm, Elena Bražnik and other masterful artists.

Organised already for the ninth year by the Estonian National Opera and its main sponsor Liviko, the Vana Tallinn Gala has become a much-anticipated music event for opera lovers. Music lovers in southern Estonia were also able to enjoy the concert performance when the work was performed on the stage of Vanemuine on Sunday.

In addition to supporting the Estonian National Opera, AS Liviko contributes to the promotion of Estonian culture by supporting the Art Museum of Estonia, the novel competition of the Estonian Writers’ Union as well as several cultural events.

Photos by: Kretel Kuusk, Rauno Liivand

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