Liviko creates Vana Tallinn liquorice liqueur to mark 100th anniversary of Republic of Finland

To celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Finland, Liviko has crafted a special edition Vana Tallinn liqueur – Dark Liquorice – which has been selected as one of the drinks to represent the anniversary of our northern neighbour. A total of 24 alcoholic drinks were selected by Finnish alcohol monopoly Alko to mark the republic’s 100th birthday.

“We wanted to give the Finns a proper present to mark such a significant birthday,” explained Janek Kalvi, chairman of the management board of AS Liviko. “So we put into the liqueur the kinds of flavours that are loved and respected in Finland. And given that it was designed especially for the Finnish market and palate, it’s a great honour for us that Vana Tallinn Dark Liquorice has gone down so well and been chosen as one of the drinks to represent the anniversary.”

Liviko’s legendary Vana Tallinn liqueur has long been among the top three selling liqueurs in Finland. It has been popular in the country for more than 40 years and has been sold by Alko for over two decades.

“Our master craftsmen here at Liviko came up with the liquorice liqueur in just four months,” Kalvi revealed. “And despite the fact that it took them so little time to perfect it, in terms of flavour and quality it’s been developed to the most exacting standards possible.”

The unique recipe of Dark Liquorice, which forms part of the wider Vana Tallinn range, combines the classic liqueur with liquorice and warm herbs. Finnish alcohol monopoly Alko launched a competition to find anniversary drinks on 27 May, which only gave Liviko until October to present the product.

The 24 alcoholic drinks selected, 13 of which are foreign products, were initially chosen as part of a blind tasting. The second round focussed on the appearance of the drinks. The winning products are to be produced in limited numbers for sale in Finland until the end of 2017.

Vana Tallinn is the most widely recognised Estonian product, being sold in 32 countries around the world.

Founded in 1898, AS Liviko is a producer of high-quality alcohol with 118 years’ experience. It has a well-developed distribution and wholesale network in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, through which it markets not only its own products but also imported international quality brands. Liviko is one of the three biggest alcohol companies in the Baltic States, placing as much emphasis on imports as it does on production.

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