Liviko hits the wine cooler market with Viru Valge Cooler

Last week the leading Estonian alcohol manufacturer, Liviko, put Viru Valge Cooler on the wine cooler market. The main competitive products are Bacardi Breezer, Smirnoff Ice and Smirnoff Mule. According to Janek Kalvi Viru Valge Cooler is a light carbonated cocktail with an alcohol content of 5% vol. It has been made of Viru Valge vodka.
Kalvi said that the wine cooler market such as Cooler is not very large, but the trend is growing and sales volumes are increasing.

In Kalvi’s opinion there is room for a number of companies in the market, but Liviko is targeted at enlarging the market by directing the consumption and demand and also emerging as the market leader of this sector.

“Our intention is to keep abreast of the times, shape consumption and lead the way. Liviko has always wanted to be the first. Our goals with Viru Valge Cooler are not minor in any way,” stated Kalvi.

Gin Long Drink dominates the market in the section of wine coolers. The situation is different in the sector of hotels, restaurants and cafés. The major competitive products are Bacardi Breezer, Smirnoff Ice and Smirnoff Mule.

“We do not compete with beer manufacturers; however, it cannot be ruled out that some consumers might change their habits and exchange gin long drink and beer for Viru Valge Cooler after Liviko has entered the light alcohol market,” said Kalvi.

Liviko started selling Viru Valge Cooler in their brand stores on Saturday and Viru Valge Cooler will already be on sale in other stores the same weekend. According to Kalvi Viru Valge Cooler will be on sale in all big chain stores no later than this week.

The marketing director of Liviko is pleased with the sales numbers of the first week: more than 25,000 bottles of Viru Valge Cooler were sold, which is significantly more than predicted. People have quickly embraced the new product, although the active marketing and advertising campaign has not yet begun, added Kalvi.

The approximate sales price of Viru Valge Cooler with the sales tax included is in the range of 16.50-17.50 kroons a bottle. For example, at the moment Viru Valge Cooler costs 16.40 kroons at Selver chain stores and 16.50 kroons at the Liviko brand store that is situated on Mere Blvd.

The logo of Viru Valge Cooler mixes traditions and security with innovation and youthfulness. Viru Valge Cooler has been made of Viru Valge vodka, refreshing natural juices and icy, crystal clear water. The strength is 5% alc. and the bottle size is 275 ml.

Viru Valge Cooler is available in four different flavours: Cactus-Lemon-Lime, Watermelon-Greenapple, Pink Grapefruit and Mango.

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