Liviko makes special-design Viru Valge to value Estonian design

To dignify the contemporary work of Estonian designers, AS Liviko is making a limited edition of special-design Viru Valge, the author whose design decorated with an owl is Lauri Särak. The special design of Viru Valge was selected out of the 414 design works presented to the Estonian Design Competition. Made by designer Lauri Särak, the colourful winning entry, Wisdom, with the image of an owl deserved the overwhelming support both among experts as well as the audience.

“The special-design Viru Valge is characterised by a bold and strong colour range supported by high-level execution in order for the key idea to take effect. The new special-design bottle of Viru Valge as an excellent example of the modern Estonian product design and deserves a full position in the long and dignified gallery of Viru Valge,” Liivi Tadolder, Marketing Director of AS Liviko said.

AS Liviko organised the Estonian Product Design Competition with an aim of finding a design for the Viru Valge quality vodka made from domestic grain that surrounds the whole bottle of Viru Valge in order to also value the work of contemporary Estonian designers. The special-design Viru Valge will be produced in limited edition and special technology will be used to produce the design solution that covers the whole bottle.

Besides the limited special-design bottle of Viru Valge, all glass bottles of the unique shape and classic design of Viru Valge made exclusively for Viru Valge will also remain on the market.

In 2014, Viru Valge took the gold medal at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in London. The jury described Viru Valge, made from Estonian grain, as having a pure, fresh and clear taste whose initially light and refined aroma is followed by stronger notes. This gold medal is testament to the fact that Viru Valge is a world-class drink.

In 2010, the bottle exclusively designed for Viru Valge took the award for Best Packaging at the Kuldmuna (Golden Egg) competition. The bottle of Viru Valge was also awarded third place at the design competition of Art Directors Club Estonia (ADCE) in 2009.

Viru Valge is a quality vodka that has, throughout the ages, symbolised Estonia and the country’s national identity. Its manufacturing traditions date back to 1962. It is the most sold quality vodka in Estonia and also the vodka that is exported the most from Estonia. According to a legend, Viru Valge owes its success to former Finnish President Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, who was captivated by its taste. The name ‘Viru Valge’ was first used around a century ago to mark out Estonian-made vodka during the period of Finnish prohibition.

Established in 1898 and having 117 years of traditions, AS Liviko is a producer of quality alcohol. AS Liviko has developed a distribution and wholesale network of alcohol in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and uses it for marketing its own production as well as imported brands of other quality alcohol producers from all over the world. AS Liviko ranks among the three largest alcohol companies in the Baltic countries and pays attention equally to the production and import of alcoholic beverages. The AS Liviko Group has 347 employees.

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