Liviko wins the title of Friend of Culture for Vana Tallinn Gala

On 15 January, Minister of Culture Indrek Saar gave AS Liviko the title of Friend of Culture for the company’s support to the Estonian National Opera and separately for the Vana Tallinn Gala, which will feature reputable guest performers thanks to the company’s contribution. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AS Liviko Enn Kunila also received the title of Friend of Culture as a private person for introducing Estonian art in the world and separately for introducing the works of Konrad Mägi and supporting studies of the artist’s legacy.

“Liviko is the first main sponsor of the Estonian National Opera, with whom the contract was extended for another five-year period – such long support means mutual trust, understanding and shared values,” said Director General of the Estonian National Opera Aivar Mäe. Vana Tallinn Gala has become a brand of its own and is always warmly welcomed by audiences every autumn. Many well-known guest soloists have performed at Vana Tallinn Gala because of Liviko’s support.”

“Liviko is a 120-year old company based on Estonian capital that supports nationally important areas the cultural value of which is important to Estonia,” said CEO of AS Liviko Janek Kalvi. “We’re consciously building a good-quality and attractive living environment by supporting culture. As soon as our cooperation started, we came up with the plan to initiate the Vana Tallinn Gala tradition in addition to supporting the Estonian National Opera, and this year is the seventh time we’ve organised the gala together.”

“The culture of Estonia would be considerably poorer and less diverse without the contribution of our entrepreneurs,” said Minister of Culture Indrek Saar. “This is why all friends of culture deserve recognition for making a country in this world a better place.”

Liviko has been supporting the Estonian National Opera, the Estonian Symphony Orchestra and the Art Museum of Estonia for a long time. Liviko is a re-launcher and supporter of the novel completion of the Estonian Writers Union. Liviko is one of three Estonian companies that supported the selection of the Estonian national animal and marked this with the book Wolf. Having supported Estonian sailing for a long time, Liviko is the gold sponsor of the preparation of Estonian sailors for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and it also supports a tennis tournament named after the company.

The Friend of Culture title is awarded to an organisation or person who has made a significant contribution to the area of culture in the previous year.

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