Liviko to take part in responsible drinking campaign “Split with water when you drink!” initiated by the Alcohol Producers and Importers Association

Liviko has decided to become a partner of the campaign initiated by the Alcohol Producers and Importers Association because we want alcohol to be consumed with more awareness, sense and safety.

The goal of the campaign is to invite people to drink responsibly and offer a practical solution to excessive consumption. The active campaign period is March–April 2017.

“Split with water when you drink!” invites people to have a glass of water between each glass of alcohol they drink. When having alcohol, splitting it with water is necessary because:

  • the body’s need for water increases steeply when consuming alcohol because the body expels more water than usual due to alcohol. Drinking water helps prevent dehydration;
  • drinking water slows down the speed of drinking alcohol and helps avoid situations where people get drunk quickly.

Drinking water between glasses of alcohol helps balance the body’s need for water, decreases the amount of alcohol consumed and thus helps the drinker feel better.

Free drinking water will be served with alcohol drinks at many eateries during the campaign period.Alcohol producers and importers are enabled to use neck tags on products sold in stores during the campaigning period, reminding consumers of the need to drink water between having glasses of alcohol.

Thank you for helping us make the Estonian alcohol consumption culture more responsible!

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