Liviko took home numerous awards

Liviko products received the most awards in Estonian Wine and Spirit Challenge 2006, a high level contest of wines and alcoholic beverages held last weekend. Liviko’s liqueur Vana Tallinn received the highest appraisal in the strong alcohol category. 21 Nautimus wines in the Liviko wine selection were also awarded with a trophy and a medal.
According to Liviko, Vana Tallinn earned the main award of the contest – the Estonian Spirit Challenge 2006 TROPHY as well.

Ragnar Kits, the sales manager of Liviko, said that the gold medal of Estonian Spirit Challenge 2006 contest was awarded to Viru Valge Vodka and Vana Tallinna Cream. „Silver medal was given to such Liviko products as ÜX Vodka, flavored vodkas Viru Valge Watermelon and Viru Valge Greenapple and Liviko’s new product orange flavored cream liqueur Vana Tallinn Orange Cream,” said Kits. Bronze medals were received by such Liviko products as Liviko Gin and Chocolate flavored Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream liqueur that penetrated the market about a month ago.

Alcohol brands that are included in Liviko’s import portfolio and have sole representative rights in Estonia also received awards. Gold medal was given to Carolans Irish Cream, silver medal to cognac Julies Cautret VSOP and bronze medal to Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey and 10-year old Julies Gautret cognac.

According to Ragnar Kits, it is delightful that Liviko’s dignified brands are highly valued. „Liviko products have received many high awards in the last year. Developing its product portfolio and continuous expansion of the import alcohol selection have been right decisions, which have been noticed by the consumers as well as the experts,” said Kits.

As the sales manager of Liviko confirmed, the wines in Liviko wine selection bearing the Nautimus certification mark also did well in the contest. According to Kits, Spier Pinotage 2004 earned the Estonian Wine Challenge 2006 TROPHY and Estonian Wine Challenge 2006 gold medals were given to such Nautimus wines as Veo Grande Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz 2004 and Prosecco Vino Frizzante. All the mentioned wines are available in retail stores and received well by the consumers, said Kits.

Liviko participated in the Estonian Spirit Challenge 2006 contest for the first time. With its wine selection Liviko participated in the Estonian Wine Challenge 2006 contest for the second year.

Liviko’s import alcohol includees at the moment over 250 products. Liviko has the sole representative rights in Estonia for more famous alcohol brands such as Tullamore, Freixenet Carolans. Represented are also brands such as Jules Gautret cognac, South-African Spier wine cellar and Vina Carmen’s wine family of Chile. Wines from Chile, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Australia, Italy and Bulgaria are represented in the wine selection. Top wines from France, Italy and Spain as well as the sparkling wines have been added to the selection.

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