Liviko’s Special Products for Estonia’s Centenary are Ready

For the Republic’s jubilee special editions of the legendary beverages Viru Valge and Vana Tallinn have been produced. As the oldest producer of quality alcohol in Estonia Liviko has seen the Republic of Estonia’s birth and witnessed all of the celebrations that have taken place within the one hundred years since then.

„On the occasion of the Republic of Estonia 100th jubilee year Liviko has opened its archives and created special editions of its legendary products. The jubilee presents Vana Tallinn in a new bottle. Viru Valge Rukkilille Peenviin (cornflower fine vodka) is produced using a new technology and the drink has a unique cornflower accentuated taste,“ said AS Liviko Chairman of the Board Janek Kalvi.

Vana Tallinn is the best known Estonian liqueur in the world with 70% of the entire production being exported to 27 countries throughout the world. Almost 40% of Viru Valge’s production is exported.

Vana Tallinn 100 special edition labels are inspired from the 1920s and the name of the producer is marked as Liviko’s predecessor – Tallinna Likööri- ja Viinavabrik (Tallinn’s Liqueur and Vodka Factory).

The Viru Valge Rukkilille Peenviin produced for Estonia’s 100th birthday uses domestic grains and includes a new taste accent through the addition of a cornflower distillate which is produced using a time consuming pot still steam distillation process in copper kettles. The flower’s delicate petals are treated in special plant baskets in the kettle’s steam chamber. The method is special and new – usually aromatised spirits are prepared by boiling the dilution into the spirit. Steam distillation takes place at a lower temperature enabling to extract the most temperature sensitive aromatic compounds from the plant. The described vodka production technology is being used by Liviko for the first time.

The special edition products produced for the 100th birthday will be produced in limited quantities.

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