The series of cream liqueurs of Vana Tallinn Cream has a new member

The new cream liqueur has been added to the series of Vana Tallinn Cream – Vana Tallinn Ice Cream.

Vana Tallinn Ice Cream is a stylish cream liqueur the taste of which includes legendary Vana Tallinn, fresh cream and frisky ice cream. The outcome is cheerfully frisky, freshly silky and icily vanilla-like drink of the product family of Vana Tallinn. Real ice cream liqueur for sipping!

The etiquette of Vana Tallinn Ice Cream has been inspired by the European cafe culture. This is a story of the meeting friends, inspiring emotions and tasteful thoughts. The bottle is still the same legendary bow to the historical towers of silhouette of Tallinn.

The spicy, rum-like citrus of Vana Tallinn entwines ideally to the silky ensemble with its mild cream and vanilla. Vana Tallinn Ice Cream is excellently in balance, sweet cream can be felt in the taste and nuances of rum and spices in aroma.

Vana Tallinn Ice Cream is best for sipping as chilly, served with lot of ice. Suitable also into cocktails and besides coffee, also to flavour different desserts.

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