Stefan Haneder from Austria is the fastest barman

Stefan Haneder from Austria won the first Vana Tallinn Speed Round Bartender Challenge held in Estonia The second place went to Kris-Marii Kaska Estonia and Martin Vogeltanz from the Czech Republic finished third.

“Speed, technique and the ability to follow recipes accurately were primarily assessed at the competition,” said Kris-Marii Kaska, bartender at Kalevi Jahtklubi Resto and nightclub Venus, who finished second in the competition. “Clients are increasingly more demanding and bartenders have to meet their expectations.”

In the Vana Tallinn Speed Round Bartenders Challenge, competitors had to make seven cocktails and a shot according to recipes in the fastest time possible. 26 bartenders from 12 countries participated in the challenge. The cocktails and the shot were based on the legendary Vana Tallinn.

“Competitions are very important for the professional development of bartenders and promotion of this field,” explained Kris-Marri Kaska, who only lost to the winner by five seconds with her time of three minutes and two seconds. “A competition highlights the weaknesses of bartenders, so they can work on them.”

Vana Tallinn Speed Round takes its name from Liviko’s legendary Vana Tallinn liqueur, the most popular beverage of its kind in Estonia. AS Liviko organises the Vana Tallinn Speed Round Bartenders Challenge in cooperation with the Estonian Bartenders Association.


Photos by: Tago Kalbri


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