The Best Estonian Drinks of 2022

In the Best Estonian Drinks competition, Liviko won gold in several categories and was also awarded prestigious silver badges. Liviko won gold with the brandy-like Petite Pomme apple spirit, the non-alcoholic aperitif Corsaro Aperitivo and the domestic Haage Haanja natural mineral water from Liviko’s distribution portfolio. The Viru Valge jubilee edition and Vana Tallinn Toffee Caramel were awarded prestigious silver badges in the best drinks competition.

Estonia’s first non-alcoholic aperitif, Corsaro Aperitivo, was selected as the best non-alcoholic drink in the non-alcoholic distillates, mixed drinks and health shots category. Corsaro Aperitivo, produced in Liviko’s distillery, is characterised by the sweet and bitter flavours of rowan and cranberry juices and spice infusions.

Best non-alcoholic aperitif 2022

Liviko Petite Pomme apple spirit won first place as the best fruit and berry spirit. The fruity taste of this brandy-like drink is complemented by sweet spices. There is a hint of ripe yellow apples in the aroma of the golden yellow digestive with its coppery sheen.

Best fruit and berry spirit 2022

Haage Haanja natural mineral water, which is part of Liviko’s distribution portfolio alongside the world’s leading brands, was chosen as the best drink in the water and flavoured water category. In addition, Haage Haanja natural mineral water was chosen as one of the best sauna drinks for the upcoming Year of the Sauna.

The Viru Valge jubilee edition was awarded a silver badge in the category of best vodka. The caramel liqueur Vana Tallinn Toffee Caramel was awarded a silver badge in the best liqueur and nalivka category.

The Best Estonian Drink 2022 competition included 156 participating drinks from 33 companies. In a blind taste test, the drinks were judged by Estonia’s renowned sommeliers, bartenders, journalists and other experts in their field. None of the producers participated in the tasting and evaluation. This competition is held by the Estonian Sommelier Association.

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