Vana Tallinn Liqueur was declared the best, Viru Valge got the silver medal

Vana Tallinn Liqueur won the highest award at the prestigious international alcohol competition International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London – the title “Best in Class” and gold medal and also the title “Outstanding standard creator“. Viru Valge won the silver medal at the same competition in the category of vodkas with up to 40% stiffness produced in Europe.

“The victory of Liviko’s two representative products – Vana Tallinn Liqueur and the silver medal of the new Viru Valge in the category of vodkas is a great acknowledgment for the whole personnel of Liviko who have developed, manufactured and marketed these products for 50 years. The success of our representative products is an excellent sample of how long traditions and innovative ideas together succeed in the world. Vana Tallinn is worth of its title awarded in very way as it has set a very high standard among the drinks of its class. This is proven by the fact that thousands of Estonians and tourists take just Vana Tallinn along as the gift from here. The acknowledgment of Viru Valge, having passed the thorough quality innovation regarding both the content and form last year, by the alcohol experts all over the world is especially important for us, as our Viru Valge outpaced several world famous competitors. This is really nice and deserved acknowledgment for the 112th anniversary of Liviko,“ Janek Kalvi, the manager of AS Liviko said.

The jury assessed Vana Tallinn Liqueur as follows: “The bouquet of scents is diverse: notes of citrus, toffee, caramel and warm spices. Nutty flavours join in the mouth, coconut and almonds over the rum base. Really excellent product,“ by declaring this also the best liqueur of vanilla and citrus taste in the world.

According to the rules of IWSC the drinks which achieve at least 90 points on 100-point scale should pass the new tasting cycle and a number of microbiological analyses before the final announcement of the winner.

IWSC is the internationally acknowledged competition of alcoholic drinks held once a year in London, in the course of which the judges from about 20 different countries all over the world give their expert opinion for the drinks in blind tasting. The high level of IWSC as the competition is proven by the fact that the thorough analysis is not passed only by the drinks, but also 200 judges assessing at the IWSC competitions whose competence is constantly monitored.

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