Vana Tallinn Winter Spice was chosen the Best Estonian Food 2013 in the category of alcohol

In autumn AS Liviko added the new liqueur Vana Tallinn Winter Spice to the family of legendary Vana Tallinn which is the major taste development of Vana Tallinn after having created the cream liqueurs.

The taste of classical Vana Tallinn liqueur is enriched by various spices, e.g. cinnamon, cardamom, anise and nutmeg in Vana Tallinn Winter Spice. Besides spices, rum can be differentiated in the taste and cardamon, ginger and little vanilla can be felt again in the long pungent aftertaste.

“The choosing of Vana Tallinn Winter Spice the Best Estonian Food in the category of alcohol is an excellent proof that Liviko’s liqueur masters have again succeeded to create something outstanding. We thank the Association of Estonian Food Industry and the competition jury for this acknowledgment”, Janek Kalvi, manager of AS Liviko said.

The taste nuances of Vana Tallinn Winter Spice come best to the fore while drinking it from the whiskey glass with ice and a couple of orange slices.

Vana Tallinn Winter Spice with the alcohol content of 35% vol has been bottled into the well-known tower-shaped 500 ml glass bottle of Vana Tallinn.

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